1. Hey Zac,
    that was pretty powerful, I would have never thought they were going to Church. Of course, you could say that when we are with God we are happy again, but like what you preach, God isn’t just a one-sunday kinda thing, he is and everyday God. He is always working and it’s good to grasp hold of that. I guess I am getting a little off-track, I ment to just say that the video was good.

    BTW: I’ll be praying for your baby.


  2. Hey thanks for your comment Alex.

    Yeah, I was really surprised that they were on their way to church too…

    I think the message of the video is that the Christian life is meant to be lived all the time, like you said.

    And I think that it’s also a danger, especially for men, to get so wrapped up in trying to portray yourself as a ‘godly man’, that don’t actually act like one…

    It’s a really strange thing but the more you *try* to be something, the less of that you become. But when you quit trying and just walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, you end being who God wants you to be!

    And thanks a ton for the prayers! I can’t wait to meet our son any day!

  3. Wow! What a powerful video. The sad thing is that this very scenario likely plays out all over this nation each weekend. Thanks for sharing this one.

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