Top 10 Ways To Write a Bad Worship Song

Check out this post over at WorshipMatters. It’s pretty funny and very worthwhile.

I especially like #6:

6. Make sure the majority of your songs talk about what we do and feel rather than who God is and what he’s done.
Why clutter up our songs with clear, specific, and compelling descriptions of God’s character and works? Why not just emote and talk about how passionate we are? Because an emotional fire that has no doctrinal fuel dies about pretty quickly or ends up trying to feed on itself.

What is one worship song that you LOVE to sing? What is one worship song that drives you crazy?

For me, a worship song that I LOVE to sing is “From The Inside Out” by Hillsong United. We still don’t sing it at our church fellowship, which is beyond me, but it’s been on my iPod for at least 2 years and I still love it because it almost forces me to come alive with worshipful thoughts about God.

A worship song that I struggle with is “Above All”. Musically, it’s beautiful. And I believe that Michael W. Smith had pure desires when he wrote it. But to me, that song is depressing, and theologically incorrect. I’ll stop there, because everyone else I know really likes that song, and I don’t want to step on your toes. If you love that song, then more power to you!

Alright, so let’s have yours…
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  1. The problem with most worship songs is not that they are bad songs, but as you have pointed out the focus is in the wrong place. Plus even the good ones tend to get repetitive after singing them every week for ever. We are still looking for a church that has a good balance of music that helps us focus on God.

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