Big J’s Bachelor Pad

We put a LOT of time and effort into Big J’s nursery.

I think from beginning to end, it took a couple of months to get everything in place… we thought it would never be done, but I’m glad we put in the time.

At one point, there was about a 3-week stretch where all the furniture for the nursery was in our living room and dining room while I painted the walls. I couldn’t find any whole days to set aside and work on it, so I had to get everything set up, paint for an hour or two, and then put everything away until my next chance.

…I do not recommend painting in this way :0)

When the day finally came that the painting was done and we put the furniture back, we had a celebration! Here’s what that looked like:

And here are some photos of the finished product.

The amazing thing is that out of everything you see in these photos, we didn’t pay for any of it except for the changing table and some paint/supplies.

Everything else you see was a gift by our generous friends and family!

Through you guys, God provided so abundantly for us to provide a great home for our son!

Thanks so much!

(you can click on any of the photos to see a larger version)


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