Child Labor In Uzbekistan

I just came across yet another article about child labor in Uzbekistan*.

Here’s how it starts:

Despite signing two international treaties and adopting domestic legislation prohibiting the use of child labor, Uzbekistan continued to rely on a “state-orchestrated mass mobilization of children to bring in the 2008 cotton harvest,” a new report has found.

By the end of September, with the pace of cotton collection lagging way behind harvest projections, officials in some areas ordered students as young as first graders into the fields…

I witnessed this first-hand a couple of years ago. The human rights situation in Uzbekistan is terrible.

Please take time to pray for the country. Pray for their wicked president. Pray against all the corruption. Pray for God to remove the strongholds that make that place so terrible for the nationals. Pray for the missionaries there. Pray for the believers there. Pray for God’s kingdom to come…

*I’ve written about this issue before here, here, and here.

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  1. yeah, and the reason you don’t have a picture of the ‘cotton-picking’ is because you weren’t able to take picture there, right?

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