Let’s play a game (update)

Update (4)

when. is. he. coming….

Zack, Rob, Wendy, Amie, Eddie, Jen, Lauren, Charlie, Katie, Jeremy, Stephanie, Catlin, Mike, Mom, Tricia, Mom, Matt, Adrienne & Drew

Got 4 votes for today… by majority vote, today should be his birthday!

Update (3)

Alright. Eddie and Jeremy, today’s your day. Here’s hoping…

Update (2)

Well, me (Zack) and mom are out of the running…

The next good shots at winning are Jen, Wendy, Charlie, Matt, and Eddie.

And Rob got awfully close to our baby’s name with ‘Firefly Moonshadow’

Stay tuned…


As of tonight (10/27) Robin and Adrienne and Drew are out. If he comes tomorrow, me (Zack) and mom will both be winners! (and nobody has got the name yet :0)

As of the writing of this post, we’re about 730 hours away from the expected arrival of our son.

With about a month to go, I thought it would be fun to ‘take bets’ so-to-speak about what he’s going to be like! We’ll even do a prize for whoever gets the closest!

How do you play?

Just click here and tell us your best guess at:

  • First and middle name*
  • Weight
  • Size (length)
  • Hair Color
  • Birthday (Due date is 11/2)
  • How long the delivery will take

Show me whatcha got

*We solemnly swear that we already chose our son’s first and middle name, and we absolutely will not steal your idea under any circumstances :0)


  1. My guesses:

    Name: Not telling :0)
    Weight: 7.1 pounds
    Size: 15.2 inches
    Hair Color: Red (of course)
    Birthday: 10/28
    Delivery time: 2 hours (hey, I’m optimistic)

  2. Ok, not really my website….

    Name: Andrew
    Weight: 7 lbs. 8 oz.
    Size: 16 inches
    Hair Color: Black
    Birthday: 10/25
    Delivery time: 4 hours

    These are the correct answers. Just call it the “Baby Riesland Game Key”.

  3. Noah Michael
    8-lb 3-oz
    19 inch long
    dark brown hair
    17 hours {hay mine was 20 and 19 hours long}
    and i bet you both cry!
    love your cunz Amie

  4. Name: Wallie J/K
    Weight: 7 lbs. 5 oz.
    Size: 19 1/2 inches
    Hair Color: Auburn
    Birthday: 10/31
    Delivery time: 19 hours 15 min. from the time labor starts.

  5. Isaiah Zachary
    8lb 5-oz
    7 hours
    eyes dark

    pure blessing from above! love aunt jeannie and uncle ted

  6. Name: Joshua Daniel
    Weight: 7lb 12oz.
    length: 19 1/4″
    hair color: red
    eyes: blue
    due date: 10/29
    delivery time: 3:15

    (just so you know all of the info is based on both of my children. Their weight and length was almost the exact same and the time was the same only am and pm. I figured if it worked for me 2 times, why not guess it and see if it works for you). Be blessed, we’re praying for ya!

  7. Name: Zachary Steven
    Weight: 7lbs
    length: 19″
    hair color: dark
    due date: 10/31/08
    delivery time: 7 hours

  8. Name: Jacob Daniel
    Weight: 8lbs 5 oz.
    Length: 20″
    Hair: Red
    Birthday: 10/29
    Delivery time: 3 hours (being kind to Steph)

  9. First and middle name* – Jeremiah Levi
    Weight – 9 pounds, 6 ounces
    Size (length) – 19 inches
    Hair Color – brown
    Birthday (Due date is 11/2) – 11/7 (sorry Steph!)
    How long the delivery will take – 15.2 hours

  10. First and Middle name: something with michael in it?!
    Weight- 8 pounds, 11 ounces
    Size- 21 inches
    Hair color- RED of course=]
    Birthday- 11/3
    How long the delivery will take- 8 hours!

    Is there a prize for this?!

  11. We got some good guesses so far…

    Aunt Jeannie, you’re kind of cruel… a whole week late?


    And yes, there will be a prize!

  12. First and middle name: George W Riesland
    Weight: 9 pounds 1 ounce
    Size (length): 18 inches
    Hair Color: bald
    Birthday: 10/31 (that’s my birthday!)
    How long the delivery will take: 7 hours

  13. Name: wouldn’t ya like to know!
    Weight: 7 lbs 6 oz
    Size: 16 inches
    Hair: I’m hoping for some red, whatever shade it is I hope he has lots.
    Birthday: 11/2
    Delivery: i don’t want to even guess…Lord let it be fast!

  14. Name: Caitlin! Easy peeeezy. Oh wait, it’s a boy. then Arthur! 😉
    Weight: 7 lbs. 3 oz.
    Size: 20 1/2 inches
    Hair Color: dark brown
    Birthday: 11/03
    Delivery time: 16 hours (but that counts EVERYthing, not just the pushing and stuff!)

    Love you, stephy!!!

  15. Name: Bobby Z.
    Weight: 8.3
    Size: smaller than me
    Hair Color: Brown like a tree
    Birthday: 11/03
    Delivery time: 14.3 hours.

    As you can tell I’m just making it up so that it will rhyme. Yes, I am a dork.

    mike d.s last blog post..Paintball Waiver

  16. zack, can i potty train your son? let me know what you didnt get, at the baby shower, amie and i, are going to send your new peanut something. awwwwwwwwwww love you all.

  17. Nathan Michael
    Weight 6lb. 8oz.
    Size 19 3/4 inches long
    Hair dark brown
    Eyes blue
    Birthday November 8
    Labor time approximately 6 1/2 hours

    A gift from God!

  18. Benjamin Eli * First and middle name*
    9 lbs. 1 oz. * Weight
    19.5 inches * Size (length)
    Red! * Hair Color
    11/6/08 * Birthday (Due date is 11/2)
    13 hours * How long the delivery will take

  19. Joel Benjamin Michael or maybe David?

    8 lbs. 10 ozs.
    21 inches
    Dark brown at first 🙂
    Oct.28 anything besides Oct. 31st
    10 hrs. but I hope much shorter

    Maybe he’ll be born on election day???

  20. Titus Christian * First and middle name*
    8 lbs. 10 oz. * Weight
    20 inches * Size (length)
    blue * Hair Color
    10/29/08 * Birthday (Due date is 11/2)
    20 hours * How long the delivery will take

    what’s the prize?

  21. Name: Jeremiah Zachary
    Weight: 8 pounds 9 oz.
    Size: 20 inches
    Hair Color: Red
    Birthday: 10/27/08
    Delivery: 6 hours (Longer than Stephanie would like)

  22. Name: barack o’riesland… oops, wrong post… Francis Piper Riesland
    Weight: 10 pounds 2 oz. yes, big baby
    Size: 18 inches
    Hair color: black, will turn red
    Birthday: 11/3/08
    Delivery: 7hours and 15 minutes

  23. Ok, I’m changing mine:

    first and middle: Luscious Mortimer Gemini Riesland.


    Firefly Moonshadow Riesland?

    Elvis Suedeshoe Riesland?

  24. Nope. Nobody is even close on the first name…

    The middle name is in there indirectly though :0)

    We were seriously hoping we could freakin’ announce his name by now…

    Maybe I’ll start bribing….

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