Church Partnership With Hooters

No, this isn’t an announcement that our church body will be partnering with Hooters, but I think it’s pretty cool that this church body did.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Houston church’s connection to Hooters — a restaurant chain whose signature is waitresses in skimpy orange shorts and tight tank tops — goes back more than nine years to a time when Pastor Clint Reiff was serving the congregation as associate pastor.

“I met a waitress while we were both pumping gas at the Shell station. We started talking. She mentioned that she was exhausted after waiting tables, and it made it hard for her to come to church,”  Reiff recalled.

He gave her his business card and told her to call if she ever felt the need. Two days later, the restaurant’s manager called to invite the church staff and their spouses to dinner.

When Reiff said he’d check with the pastor and get back with him, the manager responded, “We’re just looking for answers like anyone else.”

“I didn’t know if he said it flippantly or not, but I said, ‘We’ll be there,’” Reiff said. “I’m not sure our pastor at the time really knew what he was saying ‘yes’ to, but he was supportive, and a few evenings later, we were there. As I recall, most of us sat with our heads down trying not to look up, but we survived that first meal,” he said.

What do you think?