Have you ever?

Alright everybody.

While I spend eternity waiting for this thing to build, I think we should start a ‘Have you ever?’ game.

It’s simple: you just respond to the question asked in the last comment, and then leave your own ‘have you ever?’ question.

Maybe this will help Friday go by a little faster….

I’ll demonstrate:

Have you ever bought a song out of guilt because you downloaded it illegally a long time ago and don’t like it any more, but listened to it a lot back then?


  1. No I have not. I am leaving a comment on YOUR blog to participate in yours, though!

    Have you ever cooked something for a dinner party and dropped some part of it on the floor, picked it up, dusted it off, and served it anyway (for the record I have not)?

  2. Hmmm….

    Well, the thing is, I did live in Uzbekistan for a year, so it’s entirely possible that I have done this…

    I’ll go with maybe…

    Have you ever had a conversation with a group of people about whether to fold or ‘ball’ your toilet paper?

    (we totally did last night…)

  3. I have not had that conversation before, but I have had the one with the RIGHT way to place the roll of TP in the sispenser ie over the roll pull is preferable to under the roll pull.

    Have you ever quoted a verse of the Bible only to find out you either mis quoted it or gave a person the wrong verse?

  4. Yeah, I especially tend to paraphrase verses, which can confuse people… I really hate it when I think a certain verse is in the Bible, but when I want to go find it, I can’t… That make me feel like a loser…

    Have you ever called the wrong person and played it off like you meant to call them?

  5. I have no doubt that I have. Even worse (before cell phones) I think I might’ve disguised my voice and said I had the wrong number.

    Have you ever asked a larger lady when she was due, only to find out she wasn’t pregnant?

  6. No, I have not asked that. But I have, in fact, I’ve been the victim of that many times. Most days, I handle it just fine, unless it’s already been ‘one of those days.’ 🙂

    Have you ever cursed in front of someone that you really shouldn’t have?

    P.S. Zack, you’ve most definitely served non that has been dropped on the floor, and probably other things too.

  7. Ha ha. Yeah Tricia. You’re probably right!

    Yes, I have certainly cursed inappropriately…

    Especially if ‘crapy’ counts.

    Have you ever bought a gift for someone that you know they wouldn’t like, but you didn’t want to give them money or a giftcard?

  8. Have you ever: out of boredom while sitting on the pot, taken the very last of the toilet paper, blown your nose with it and in a minute or two, realized………………????? Me? Zack’s dad

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