1. Last Sunday at the Cobb Gallerie there was a piece of heaven. I am so excited about the phrase “wanting to make Jesus famous” and also to bring God’s glory to Atlanta.
    Louie, you mentioned that there is really nobody you can ask about how to start a city church. You know who came to my mind? Jim and Carol Cymbala of the Brooklyn Tabernacle in New York. Both of you might have something in common, like the poor and needy of the city. One of these days, I will take a trip to NYCity to experience the Brooklyn Tabernacle.
    I was so encouraged last Sunday. Praying for you and your team to see soon God’s revelation in regards to Passion City Church. I remind myself of making Jesus famous and also to concentrate on His glory. Having my QT early in the morning before sunrise, I get a taste of His glory. He is not too big and mighty to care for me, His little sheep. How we experienced His glory during World War II. He sent two angels in the form of men dressed in civilian clothes to free us from the Russian tank taking everyone captive. God has built in all of us His story that needs to be shared and proclaimed. I am so blessed being His child. You will be used greatly right here in Atlanta. Looking very much forward to it.

    In His strong and powerful name,
    Trudi Farkas

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