got insurance?

Let’s face it, most people don’t really like insurance.

…until something goes wrong.

But we all need insurance.

Car insurance, house insurance, various property insurance… and you’re going to pay someone for that service*.

Why not pay my brother, Anthony? He’s taken great care of us for about 2 years now.

He’s honest, reliable, and always goes over the top to make sure you’re satisfied.

Give it some thought, and then, if you’re interested, use this link.


*A couple details that might interest you:

  • Although you see dozens of advertisements about how ‘you can save blah blah blah’ by switching to this or that company, those are very misleading. Over a five year average, all the major insurance companies are within a few percent of each other in terms of what you’ll pay. It just that there’s usually one or two years in there where they dip really low to win customers, and then they make it back by jacking up their prices later. Nationwide seeks to differentiate themselves by avoiding that game and seeking to keep their prices as steady as possible.
  • You are not currently in a contract, even if you think you are. Whoever you do your insurance business with right now has to let you out of your policy and give you a pro-rated refund if you’ve paid ahead. I did that with Farm Bureau when I switched over to Nationwide.

Any more excuses?

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  1. I had Nationwide car insurance from the time I got my license until I got married. (We went with my bank and her insurance company.) I really only needed them to come through for me once and they exceeded my needs.

    I totaled my car and another car and sent some poor lady to the hospital. All totaled, I racked up a bill of something like $150K+. Did I mention that I was 1,300+ from home at the time? The only thing I had to do was talk to a guy on the phone a couple times and Nationwide took care of the rest.

    Even though we are with State Farm now, I am still a big advocate for Nationwide.

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