Lessons learned… Pt. 4: Vaccinations

Last week, we had to take Josiah for his second round of vaccinations.

This is quite a joyless process.

Yes, in a big picture sense, vaccinations are a huge blessing, and we are grateful to live in a country where we can get our son the health care he needs

But the process is no fun…

Basically, you take your little baby into a new room, and the whole time they’re looking at your eyes, as if to ask, “Is this OK? Are we safe? Are you cool with this?

And you hold them and tell them that everything’s ok.

And then the doctor comes in and the baby looks at you, “Is he cool? Should he be holding me?

And you smile and reassure your son by being nice to the doctor and by the tone in your voice.

The doc does his thing and answers your questions and is gone in like 3 minutes.

And then you wait.

For several agonizing minutes you know that the next person who comes through the door is going to stick several needles into your precious little baby.

Then she comes through the door, and again, the baby is saying “OK mommy and daddy. If you say this lady’s cool, then I’m fine!

And then next thing he knows, you’re holding him down while she stabs him.

So terrible…

Here are a few photos from my phone that document J’s last visit:

Ever been through this?

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