Musings of a new Mamma


It has been since J has been born since I’ve actually written a blog post.

It’s kind of weird because I have some time to sit down and share with you some of the things that I’ve learned since becoming a mom.  For those of you who have been a mom you know what it is like to have your world turned upside down (in a good way).  So here are some things that I have learned or people may have passed on to me so I can share with you :0).

  1. Breast feeding is difficult in the beginning, but stick with it (you’ll be glad you did).
  2. In the beginning babies poop and eat a lot (I mean a lot).
  3. You will go through so many diapers you won’t know what to do with yourself.
  4. Make sure that you when you change a boy’s diaper you don’t get sprinkled with pee.
  5. Projectile poo was an interesting experience.
  6. Scheduling has been such a blessing. Also difficult in the beginning.
  7. I love Pampers…I think I’m a Pampers snob in some ways.
  8. Write everything that your baby does down. We document in pictures, but it’s the little things that you can look back on like rolling over and laughing.
  9. You need to sleep as much as you can because you will not remember what time of day it is or which boob you fed him on. Scrunchies are great for this…I still use one sometimes.
  10. Pray, Sing with, Read, and tell stories to your baby. They are like sponges they soak it all up.
  11. In the beginning your personal hygiene goes out the window. All of the time when the baby is sleeping is when you sleep. Nap when the baby naps.
  12. It’s ok to let the housework go undone. Focus on one thing a day.
  13. If someone is gracious enough to plan meals for you have it for a couple of weeks. This was our saving grace in the beginning.
  14. Laugh at yourself. Your emotions are going crazy. It’s ok to cry a lot too.
  15. I should have put this first…if you lack wisdom pray for it.
  16. Allow this time for you to fully rely on the Lord for everything!

Perhaps I’ll make a part 2, but these are just a couple of things that I can tell you. J is growing growing growing and hopefully soon we’ll be able to share more stuff that he is doing. He has started to babble and you can tell that he really wants to talk to you and wants you to understand.  Savor every moment you have with your little one because it goes by so fast. I don’t think I believed that in the beginning, but it does.

Now let me take a moment to brag about my husband. In the beginning Zack was such a great help. He helped cook and clean and got up with me when I had to feed J and he worked on top of all of that. He has been such a blessing in my life and he’s such a great daddy. He loves to pick up J and play with him, make him laugh. He’s great at explaining things to him in a way that J just looks and you see the wheels in his head spin. God has been so gracious in giving me such a sweet and precious gift in my husband and my son.

Do you have some fun musings of being a mamma? or questions? Leave a comment and let us know!


  1. Steph would always forget which boob she started with so in order to remember she would place a scrunchy for which boob she needed to start on.

  2. Hey Steph, I like your post 🙂 I have been seriously forgetting which side I start feeding Hannah on during the night. I’ve started laying the burp cloth (b/c this child likes to spit up, lemme tell you) on the side of the chair I need to start on. I think the scrunchie is an even better idea though.

    And, today, I got peed on, through the two layers of clothing I had just changed her into during a major scream-fest. I had to laugh 🙂

  3. Steph posted that comment as me, and I just read it and chuckled.

    To clarify: she puts the scrunchie on her *wrist* to remind herself which side to feed Josiah on…

    Just to clarify :0)

    Hang in there Kristen! Laughing at yourself is the only way to be a parent!

  4. Hey Steph & fam,
    I loved your “Musings of a Mom” entry- great advice that I will take!
    Love you & your wonderful growing family!So excited to have girls together this summer! 🙂
    Your sis in Jesus, Sarah

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