Uzbek officials refuse to allow Christians to bury family members

For many of us, if someone came up, put a gun to our head, and told us to renounce what we believe in or die, the answer would be simple.

It’s easy to believe that we would die for our beliefs.

But what if someone subtly, persistently made your life miserable because of what you believe?

After years, it might begin to take a toll. You might lose heart.

You might throw in the towel.

Here’s a great example of how Christian persecution works in the real world.

In Uzbekistan, it’s not very likely that a squad of police are going to kick in the door to your house and arrest you until you recant your faith. Instead, Christians are targets of painful social, political, and economic isolation.

In this case, the Uzbek government is actively preventing a family from burrying their father, a cancer victim.


Because two of the children are followers of Jesus.

The government has made it clear that any graveyard that allows this family to bury the father, any imam who will perform the ceremony, and anyone attends any kind of ceremony will become a target of the secret police — a remnant of the KGB.

What do you do when your back yard starts wreaking of the foul smell of your dead father — and your non-christian family members are furious because it’s all your fault?

This is the type of persecution that Uzbek believers face on a regular basis.

Please keep them in your prayers!