“Job, Part 4” – A poem by John Piper

There was a time in my life when I was somewhat into poetry.

I found it to be a good tool for exploring my thoughts and emotions, and also a good way to express them in a way that would make sense when looking back from the future.

I haven’t made time to sit down and try to think poetically in a while, but whenever I read John Piper’s poetry, it challenges me to make the time.

This poem, titled “Job, Part 4”, provides such amazing insight into the character of God, and stirs in me thoughts and emotions that this world keeps me so distracted from!

Have a look at this challenging turn of phrase, where Job is talking to his new daughter, Jemimah, at some point 7 years after the book of Job ends:

No, no, my child, to cleanse
An Upright heart of toxic stains
With searing irons is not like chains
Laid on the soul in penalty
For guile and crimes no one can see.
No, they were wrong. And kindly has
The Lord rebuked good Eliphaz,
And I have prayed for him, and all
is well. You see, their mind was small,
And they could not see painful times
Apart from dark and hidden crimes.
Beware, Jemimah, God is kind,
In ways that will not fit your mind.