New Feature

comment-graphicIf you find your way to this blog frequently at all, you’ll probably notice that I’m always trying to solicit comments.

This isn’t because I’m trying to sell something or because I get anything from your comments.

Except one thing: a tiny piece of community.

I love the thought that I can post a thought, or something silly or useful that I come across, or a piece of my life…

…and you can respond

…and people can respond to you

And we can all learn from each other and make each other’s day go by a little more enjoyably!

Steph will tell you that one of my pet peeves is when I discover that someone regularly reads about our life, but never comments.

And it happens all the time.

My mom will run into someone at the grocery store, and everything she tries to share, the answer is, “Oh I know. I read it on their website.” And she’ll tell me the next time I see her and I’ll think “Really? They know I have a blog? They know I still exist? I wonder why they never leave a trace.”

If you come around every once in a while to see what’s up, why don’t you check in and let us know you came by? That way, this can be a useful tool that works both ways.

And now, you can even get followup comments via email, so you know what other people are saying.

Check it out!