Friday Funny

funny baby pictureA few days ago, I posted this picture for a caption.

Well, apparently my friend John has a little too much time on his hands these days, cause yesterday he sent this to me.

What can I say? It works…

Speaking of John: he’s a bona-fide video and photoshop ninja, and he’s currently feeling the pain of the recession, so if you’ve ever thought about having a video done for just about any occasion, you should cruise over to his website and see what’s up. He’ll take great care of you!

My mom hired him to make this video a couple of years back (in 2 parts – after the jump)


  1. That’s just wrong 😉 Poor little guy is going to have a hard time defending himself when he gets a little older. All these pictures are going to emerge everywhere he goes.
    Nice job!

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