Religion Saves: Birth Control

As I mentioned in the introduction, Religion Saves + And Nine Other Misconceptions addresses the top nine questions submitted and voted on by people around the country.

Each chapter is dedicated to a question and pastor Mark’s answer, and they go in backwards order.

So, chapter one addresses the ninth most popular question:

There’s no doubt the Bible says children are a blessing, but the Bible doesn’t seem to address the specific topic of birth control. Is this a black-and-white topic, or does it fall under liberties?

Last week, I asked you all to share your thoughts on this comment, and boy did you come through!

I had a great time reading up on your thoughts and opinions, and I was looking forward this weekend to writing a lengthy exposition on the topic and how pastor Mark handles it in the book.

Unfortunately, things have not gone according to plan! Our internet at home was down for most of the weekend, work has been kicked up two notches, I had 2 computers dropped off that needed urgent attention, and we’ve been scrambling to get everything lined up so that we can leave for our first vacation in a while tomorrow!

And on top of all that, I actually got up extra early Monday morning and sat down and wrote most of the post anyways, and the infallible Firefox failed on me and I lost it!

So, rather than let this post dangle any longer, I want to point you at some great resources that you can check out for yourself, and maybe I’ll get a chance to come back to this at some point this weekend!

Finally, if you have any specific questions or opinions that you’d like to bounce off me, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, or if you’d rather keep it private, you can email me at


  1. Katie says: It prevents financially unstable people-like ant and I-from bringing a child into the world that we might not be able to support.

  2. And one twitter friend said, “That’s a great question and I’m really confused about it because one of parents is catholic and the other isn’t.”

  3. Well, we need things in moderation and need to have some common sense on the issue. I think that you should excersise care when having sex if you dont want kids. On the other hand if you are having sex then prepare to have kids no matter what method you are using. If someone is waiting to be financially stable first, then they will never have kids. When it comes to “birth control”, I personally am against “the pill” or any other thing inserted into a woman that jacks up her hormones. Seems to make them moody as if they were pregnant, haha. Not only that but if a woman is on “the pill” and having sex on a regular basis and she ends up getting pregnant anyway, (it’s not 100% effective) then the baby could self abort and because that was an effect of what she was doing then I think thats wrong. I personally have been neutered being the mans way of controlling births.

  4. Before birth control pills and condoms, there was the calendar method, and ethically speaking, I do not see any difference between them. (Note: the Morning After Pill-or any other method that kills life that has already begun-is a whole different topic.) God gave us the calendar method. To say we can’t use condoms would be similar to saying that we can’t use Penicillin when we get an infection. I also believe that God is sovereign, and if He wants you to conceive, then there is nothing you can do about it anyway!

  5. Great thoughts, Wendy. Thanks for sharing them!

    I’ll weigh in a little later, but just a clarification: I don’t believe that things like the ‘morning after’ pill are a different topic, in the sense that many people consider them to be perfectly acceptable forms of birth control.

    In fact, in the book, he notes certain cities where the number one form of ‘birth control’ is abortion.

    So I think that should be part of the conversation!

  6. The argument against birth control (besides natural family planning) is generally that you should not chemically or physically alter your body in an attempt to try and prevent pregnancy and that you should trust in gods will and for him to know what you can handle. Trust in him to provide for you etc…

    The argument for birth control (preventative methods) is generally that if it is god’s will for you to get pregnant then it won’t matter if you are on the pill, condoms etc..

    As far as the morning after pill and abortion are concerened, I don’t think the bible would support either one of them.

    Note: the pill is not a purely preventative method of birth control, the pill trys to prevent fertilized egg implantation.

  7. Wow, Zack, you always have such great thought provoking questions! I personally draw the line between preventative vs. after-the-fact birth control methods. Don’t forget, nursing is another God-given method of birth control, too. (At least it was for me… all the way up until I chose to wean my babies at 17 months.) And in the Bible you have many examples of wet nurses as well as mother’s who nursed their babies up until 5 years of age. I guess it all goes back to the “heart” and “motives”. Take the example of Onan(?) in the Bible who disobeyed God when he spilled his “seed.” His motives were clearly selfish. If our heart is set on the things of God then we pray to line our hearts up with God’s, and not the other way around. Then God’s desire becomes our desire and we trust God to fulfill his purpose in us.

  8. NFP is a violation of 1 COR 7:5 isn’t it?

    I think in general this is a matter of personal conscience. The bible tells us that we are to value children. Our world really doesn’t. We need to be sure to make whatever choice we make in light of biblical values.

    I think it is something that husband and wife should give serious thought to, it is not as trivial or casual as our culture treats it.

  9. To John:
    Birth control pills don’t make all women moody. In fact, it evened out my moods and eliminated PMS. They do adversely affect some women though.

    And I could be wrong, but if you get pregnant while on the pill, although you should stop taking the pill immediately, it doesn’t always abort the baby if you’ve taken the pill for a few weeks before you realize you’re pregnant. I think I heard somewhere that the morning after pill is a super high dose of birth control, not a regular dose. Of course, these are all things I have heard or read, not researched.

    As for me, I believe any form of birth control that prevents an egg from being fertilized is fine. Any form of birth control that prevents a fertilized egg from living and growing is murder.

  10. I googled NFP because I was curious too. It’s Natural Family Planning (and 1 COR 7:5 is: Do not deprive one another except with consent for a time, that you may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again so that Satan does not tempt you because of your lack of self-control
    They even have a website!

  11. Some times I have to wonder where this idea of small families being more “responsible” came from. Some one wrote earlier that if you wait to have kids until financially you can then you will never have them. I could not agree more. Having children and raising them up God’s way takes sacrifice on lots of fronts. We as a people can be so very selfish sometimes.

    On the Pill, I have always had a hard time making that call. I haven’t done the research that I should, but if the pill causes a fertalized egg to not implant then I say it is wrong. I know lots of women who have become pregant while taking the pill so obviously it doesn’t always do this, but I personally wouldn’t take it even if there was a chance of it. I also think that physically it may not be a great idea. I get very sick when I take anything that raises my hormones. Any pill that can make me feel that terrible can’t be good for me!

    Abortion in form is wrong.

    On other methods, I think the calender method and condoms are a totally exceptable way of preventing pregnancy.

    I don’t think that God calls every couple to have a house full of kids, but I do think that often we act as if He doesn’t get a say in the matter. We decide on our own to have the normal 2 kids a dog and a cat. I think He often lets us have our way and we miss out on the joy and blessing that He had planned for us!

    I don’t know what He has in store for Jas and I or how many kids we will have, but I do know that my goal is to raise them to be people loving, gospel proclaiming, Bible beliving Jesus lovers! My prayer is that through our children God’s kingdom will be furthered! If that happens through only our Ada and Isabelle that is fine. If He chooses to give us 4 more (I may pull my hair out), but that is ok w/ me!

    I think we need to stop worring about not having kids and worry about what do do w/ the ones He has blessed us with. 🙂

  12. OK I’m dying to hear YOUR opinion….
    Do you think that using ANY method of bc is like playing God or do you draws some lines as some of us discussed (natural vs. chemical, preventative vs. killing life that has already begun….)…??

  13. Thanks for asking Wendy!

    I’m planning to write a lengthy response this weekend.

    I want to cover all my bases so I don’t make any blanket statements that might confuse people about what the Bible teaches!

  14. Hey friends!

    Thanks for being patient. I’m almost done with my post on this… I just don’t want to be flippant with such a weighty topic!

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