1. PS – My media ninja friend John ripped an mp3 off the video. I won’t post a link here, since that would probably violate someone’s copyright, but if you’re interested, let me know and I’ll email a link to you!

  2. having listened to the mp3, I think there’s a little TV magic going on there. For one I don’t see a symbol anywhere in the video, but you can definitely hear it, second it doesn’t sound like a bass drum when they get to the drumming part it sounds like a kettle drum (or a Timpani). Also it sounds like more than two voices during the “humming” part…I think there’s a little something going on off camera ;p. Still it sounds amazing.

  3. Jeremy,

    I’m with you… the music you hear is definitely more than what you see happening in the video. If you read the info on the youtube page, these guys are both un-signed musicians, so I’m guessing they probably did do the music and filmed the video to get more traffic on their video in hopes that maybe someone with some clout will notice them.

    Two good songs for a piano/cello instrumental combo though!

  4. Found this video on someone else’s blog too. Absolutely beautiful. I don’t normally sit through videos like that all the way through but I did for this one. That is some amazing arranging talent.

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