Tell Me About Your Church

Most of my recent experience as a follower of Jesus has been learning about the Church: what it is, is not, should be, and eventually will be.
I have worked to get a church started, worked to get a church established, worked with pay and without pay…
And this is still a topic that Steph and I spend a lot of time discussing and praying about.

And with all that in mind, I’m curious about your thoughts and experiences.

Whether you go to church or not, whether you’re a christian or not, I’d love to have your thoughts!

(I’m playing with Google forms, so I’ll see what kind of cool ways it gives me to share the results w/ everyone!)

If the embedded form doesn’t appear below (after the break), then please use this link


  1. I was working from home yesterday, and Steph was on the other computer, catching up on her blogs and stuff.

    She looked at this post and said, “Apparently, nobody cares about church, because that’s been up for a few days and nobody has left a comment.”

    Well just in case you were thinking the same thing, there have actually been quite a few responses to the survey — even a couple of comments that I chose to moderate because they linked to some resources that I can’t recommend to you.

    So far, we’ve heard from Baptists, Calvinists, Calvary Chapelites, Acts 29ers, Emergents, Home-Church advocates, and a New-Ager.

    Church ratings have ranged from 6 to “off the charts”, and pastor ratings have ranged from 3 to 9.

    Please keep ’em coming and I’ll figure out a good way to compile the info and share it with you later this week!

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