What She Said

(No, not like that…)

Last week I was hard at work in the (home) office when Steph came home from running some errands.

She said there was something she wanted to show me.

I was a little resistant at first, because I didn’t want to loose my work momentum, and especially because she needed to use the computer, which meant I had to disconnect a handful of programs. But I got up, expecting her to show me some video of a baby on a mommy blog she likes to read.

Instead, she said that she had heard a song in the car.

She went to youtube and found this video, picked up our son, and said, “This song is all about your daddy.”

…just about made me cry

I share this not to brag – if you know me, you know that I don’t deserve her sweet compliment.

But this is just a reminder that little gestures of love and admiration to your spouse can go a long way.

In my case, I made this the ringtone for when Steph calls me. Every time she calls, I’m challenged to prioritize my thinking, and I’m encouraged!

What can you do today?

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