A Few Photos

A couple of weeks ago, Stephanie and I dropped J off at my parents, came home and got all dressed up, and went to my company’s annual Christmas party in Greensboro.

It was our first time leaving Josiah anywhere overnight, so we really went for it!

We wanted to get all dressed up, but not spend a bunch of money, so we raided our closet and I ended up wearing the only suit I own (purchased in the 11th grade) and Steph wore an old brides maid dress! We even took some pictures like we were going to prom or something!

We went and ate and danced our hearts out, and then came home and slept for like 12 hours! And then we wrapped it up with a breakfast trip to Cracker Barrel in the morning!

The pics are only so-so because our living room isn’t lit all that well, and we were using a tripod and timer, but here they are:



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