Snow Day!

fb_snow_2fb_snow_3This past weekend was the first time we’ve had a significant amount of snow since Stephanie and I were married almost three years ago…

In this part of North Carolina, there are usually a couple times every winter when the weather man forecasts a ‘BIG’ snow event.

This usually results in considerable chaos — everybody freaking out:

-buying all the bread and milk in sight

-crashing local news websites by re-loading the weather page every 20 seconds

-impulsively buying kerosene heaters and snow chains for their car tires…

I completely blame the media around here. They show the weather every 10 minutes and the weather people totally soak it up.

A few of years ago, this happened. They forecast ELEVEN inches of snow, so our local airport preemptively canceled all flights for the following day. In the end, we didn’t see one flake, and mom and dad missed the first (and only, so far) cruise of their lives because their flight was canceled.

So, all that to say, this weekend we actually got some snow!

We probably got around 7 inches here, and about 20 miles north, mom and dad got a good foot and so did our mom and dad in Virginia.

Part of the reason that a good snow around here is so exciting is that it pretty much mandates staying at home and just relaxing.

I’ve read that the entire NC DOT budget for clearing roads is usually whiped out in one morning after we have a good snow. I believe it, ’cause it’s been 5 days and our road is still an ice skating rink.

But on the up side, we had a good time doing not much of anything this weekend!

We took J out to play and he had a blast.

He looked like the kid in “A Christmas Story” who has so many layers on that he can’t move his arms. It was really cute, but even with all the layers, his nose started running like a faucet about 5 minutes after we got him out there, so we didn’t stay very long.

His favorite part was when I would throw snowballs. He would say, “Ball! Ball!”

He also got a kick out of the ice scraper, which he decided must be a spoon (“poo-nah”).

The kicker is that they’re forecasting lots more snow for this coming weekend, so we’ll see what happens!

…but I won’t hold my breath