A year ago…

A couple days ago, my little sister wrote on my facebook wall, “Have you have to see the new episode of The Office. It reminds me of you and Steph.”

So last night, Stephanie and I watched the “baby” episode of The Office.

We laughed so much. I won’t go into details just in case you haven’t seen in yet and you are planning to watch. But let me tell you, we could relate to ALMOST everything. (I don’t think Steph ever accidentally breast-fed someone else’s baby, but I can totally see how that could have happened in the semi-conscious state we were both in)

I think in a way, though, it was a little euphoric. It feels like forever ago that I pulled the car around to the front of Rex hospital and checked the car seat one more time before we drove home as… parents.

This morning, I got to looking back at some of our blog posts from this time last year.

That’s where I found the photo above.

I also noticed this post from Steph, called “Musings of a new momma”

Parenting has changed so much since then! I’m so excited that we have another little “jelly bean” coming this summer.

I can’t wait to do it all over again!

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  1. I was ROLLING! All you guys need this time is a Michael Scott. Dad could totally pass.

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