Learn From the Past

abortion_planned_parenthoodThis pamphlet was released by Planned Parenthood in 1952.

Interesting how they’ve changed their story over the years…

Their slogan back then was pretty interesting as well:  “Every child a wanted child”

I guess it just depends on what they meant by that…

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  1. Except oral contraceptives are only contraceptive 100% of the time if one believes life begins at implantation instead of fertilization. A couple medical dictionaries, though not all of the major ones, changed their definitions of pregnancy to to help the cause. I’ve literally been told by people, “My doctor says the pill never acts as an abortifacient, no matter what the pill insert says.” and a couple sentences later, “My mom said that it can be really nice to be on the pill because her periods were lighter.” Don’t people make the connection that thinning the lining of the uterus is the cause of those lighter periods and, by the way, that can prevent implantation and thus cause an early abortion?

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