9 Million Words

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then about 5 minutes of video at about 30 frames per second is about 9 million words.

It’s OK. Go ahead. Roll your eyes. I’m a geek and not ashamed of it.

Anyways, we don’t have a ‘true’ video camera at the Riesland house, but our little Fuji digital camera takes web-grade video and every once in a while we remember that and actually use it.

And even less often, I get around to putting the files on the computer and cleaning them up a little bit.

So, disclaimer: this is the part where 70% of you should probably bail because I’m about to show you a video of my kid and you’re going to say “what is it with people being so ga-ga over their kids” and then you won’t like me anymore and you’ll assume I’m not cool enough to hang out with you… which is probably true. So, there you go: you’ve been warned.

But for our friends and family who don’t get to see our little guy very often, here are 9 million words on what Josiah has been up to these past couple of months:

*And yes, I wear a sombrero when I cut the grass. Deal with it.


  1. Hi son. that’s my boy! Too cute! I thought we taught you early to mow the lawn but you’re way ahead on this:) Mom

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