Camping Trip!!!

This past weekend I had the huge privilege of camping with some awesome fellas from church.

cape_fear_river_3We loaded up 3 kayaks and a canoe and paddled 14 miles down the Cape Fear River, stopping half way at Raven Rock State Park to spend the night…

cape_fear_river_1It was a GREAT trip.

The Cape Fear is perfect for a lazy trip with just enough excitement to keep you paying attention.

There are some beautiful little falls to play in, and the wildlife was stunning: we saw lots of different fish, snakes, and birds, including several bald eagles!

We spent the evening around the fire, talking about what God has been teaching us and particularly answering this question: if we take this trip in a year, and you look back on the time between now and then, what do you hope to see?


I’m REALLY grateful for the 48 hours I got to spend with some awesome dudes, and also for the huge sacrifice Steph (did I mention that she’s 8 ¬†months pregnant?) made by taking care of Josiah all by herself for the weekend.

The reason for this post is really just to proclaim God’s goodness to His children — everything about this trip is a demonstration of God’s provision. From free time to finances to friendships: God is a faithful Father!

Here’s to next year!


  1. Sounds like a great trip. I would be interested in knowing where you got in at (prior to getting to RR State Park). I would like to do a trip like this with my son.


  2. Thanks, Ken.

    I’m honestly not sure. Some buddies handled most of the logistics. I was pretty much just along for the ride.

    I’ll drop a note this week and see if anyone remembers.

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