Earlier this week, I told you guys about a hip-hop song you might be interested in.

Well, for those of you who told me that nobody likes hip-hop, have no fear: today is rock.

Steph will tell you that probably my favorite musician is John Mayer.

Say what you want about his private life or his 20-million-dollar watch collection (no, seriously), but the man has more musical talent in one fingernail than I probably ever will in my life.

Not only does the guy have some serious musical talent, he also has some incredible song-writing skills. The lyrics to some of his songs are profound and poetic, and he manages to verbalize thoughts that I have but don’t know what to do with.

Jon Acuff over at “Stuff Christians Like” even wrote a “John Mayer Quiz“, where he challenges you to guess whether lines are from the Bible or from a Mayer song. He also gives 7 Reasons Why Christians Wish John Mayer Were a Christian, which is pretty funny to me.

Anyways, for my birthday last year, Steph bought me the Where The Light Is: John Mayer Live In Los Angeles concert DVD.

It’s a fun mix of acoustic, blues, and pop and I love it.

In the past couple of weeks, it’s been a staple in our house because Josiah (our little drummer) has discovered a love for music and asks me to watch that thing every stinking day.

He points at the drummer and flails his arms and goes “booommma! boooommma!

(Have I ever mentioned that I love my kid?)

Anyways, I don’t know where this long intro came from, but here is my favorite jam from the DVD. It’s the song Belief, which I have blogged about before.