We Got A Pet!

For years now, my future-veterinarian sister has been asking me when we’re going to get a pet.

I keep telling her that we will get a dog just as soon as we can afford a fence in the back yard, which will probably be a while yet.

But, today, I am proud to announce that we have a new pet way ahead of schedule!

Yes, friends, we have a pet dragonfly:

Ain’t she pretty?

We haven’t settled on a name yet, but I’m gunning for ‘Dorothy’. Doesn’t she look like a ‘Dorothy’?

We didn’t really go looking for her, and we don’t keep her in a cage or anything. But just about every night, when we go out front to play after dinner, there she is, perched on the car radio antenna:

So, I don’t know – maybe there’s a rule about how many days in a row she needs to come visit before we can officially call her our ‘pet’, but ‘Dorothy’ is quickly becoming part of the family!

(if you’re interested, you can click here to get higher-resolution versions of these photos off our flickr feed)

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  1. Where do I start?…

    1. I will not be satisfied until you get a DOG. I want your children to know and love dogs.

    2. Under no circumstance does a dragonfly count as a pet.

    3. Even if it was a pet, I would NOT let you name it ‘Dorothy’…..ever.

    4. I do have to admit; that IS a pretty cool dragonfly.

    5. There are STILL millions of innocent dogs being killed everyday. I’m not saying…. I’m just saying. (I couldn’t help myself=))

    P.S.- I do give you an A for effort<3

  2. @Alex: Nope! What the heck do dragonflies eat, anyways?

    @Katie: I read that on my blackberry while I was waking up this morning and it CRACKED me up! I love you!

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