1. Wow! The thumbnail they chose for this video isn’t very flattering!

    And the audio is only so-so because it was late at night and we were keeping our voices down…

    We’ll get some pictures up tomorrow…

  2. Zack and Steph,
    Congratulations she is absolutely beautiful, what does big brother think of her? Can’t wait to see more pictures. God bless this great little family!

  3. Zack and Steph and Josiah well your new member is finally here. She is
    beautiful. I know God will bless you all. We are proud of you all.
    Happy birthday Kharis………….

    Love Aunt Brenda and Uncle Jamie

  4. Congratulations!!! She is too cute, with lots of hair! Wow. Hope all went well. You’ll have to let us know how to handle two little ones 🙂

    The Baises

  5. Grandma thinks she’s absolutely beautiful!!! Grandpa is in love!! We were so glad to be a part of the big day. Much love to all.

  6. The baby is so precious,and glad i got to see her.She has a lot of hair.Wish everyone the very best.Glad all went well and everyone is fine.God is good and you have a beautieful family.Love to all.Great grandma and grandpa.

  7. Um, are you TRYING to make me cry?!?! This is AMAZING. I had no idea she was even born yet. Praise God! She’s beautiful! Tell Stephy congrats and we’re so happy for you guys!!! 🙂

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