This Left Me Speechless, Angry, And Sick To My Stomach

Steph and I recently watched an episode of a “reality” show where a “pro-choice” woman who works at an abortion clinic goes to live with a bunch of women at a shelter for new mommies for 30 days.

The idea is that she would see that there are great alternatives to abortion, and also that she could help “educate” the women there that not everyone who supports the “cause” of abortion is “a bad person”.

The producers of the show clearly had an agenda, and the majority of the content ended up being interviews with this woman where she kept insisting that abortion clinics are not “slaughter houses” where women are encouraged to have an abortion, but simply a “safe haven” where a scared, expecting mother could come and find out more information and explore her options.

She kept repeating that she just wanted to make sure that women have all the facts, and that “pro life zealots” are always trying to deceive young women from the truth about their pregnancy.

Well, maybe everything she said was true; but if it was, then hopefully she would condemn what happens in this video.

A young, pregnant woman brings a hidden camera to an abortion clinic to show what kind of “advice” and “facts” she is presented with.

(It’s 4 minutes and not the gory, shock-value type of video you might expect on this topic):

Why do I share this with you? Do I want you to know that I think abortion is usually a bad idea? Do I want to pick at the scars of my friends who have been down this road before?

Not at ALL. I’m sharing this because I think that for many people, this topic is basically theoretical… We think of it from a legal or political perspective, and we want to argue the nuance of when life begins or what rights apply to a fetus vs a baby, and whether there really is a difference.

For example, several months ago I posted a quote from someone that mentioned the fact that Planned Parenthood was originally funded by the KKK with the expressed mission of lowering the number of minorities in our society. Several people were enraged, not that this is true, but that I mentioned it — as if I had made it up to make Planned Parenthood or their supporters look bad. (You can read the quote as well as my response to a friend who was very angry about it here)

The fact is, we live in a society where opinions are quickly formed and fiercely defended, when it seems like the emphasis should probably be the other way around.

I’m sharing this in the hopes that it will make the topic more real for those who are kind of blindly choosing a camp based on one thing they read or watched one time, or based on a political theory.

Abortion is not a theoretical legal or political issue.

It’s about life and death.