This Is Offensive. And True.

Mark Driscoll with six minutes on some fundamentals about Jesus.

The money quotes:

Spirituality without Jesus is Demonology.

You cannot – you WILL NOT – connect to God apart from Jesus.

Your sin NEEDS to be atoned for.

If you disagree with what  Mark says here, then I respect that. I respect you, and love you.

But you really do need to know this:

if what is said here offends you, then Jesus should offend you.

You need to know that.

If you are one of my many friends who thinks “Jesus is cool. To each his own, you know?” then you can’t possibly understand who Jesus is… who He claimed to be and why He said He came.

I beg you to open your Bible and read the Gospel of Mark.

It’ll take you about 30 minutes.

I think you will find that Jesus only offers to be

1) your Savior


2) your Judge

That’s it.

He loves you too much to let you marginalize Him.

Think about it.