Some Music You Should Check Out

Stephanie and I are really blessed to be a part of a church body with an insane pool of talented folks.

Last year alone, THREE different members of our worship team released new albums, but you won’t find them in Walmart or on the radio, so I want to make sure you know about them.

First up: Sam Fisher

You can find Sam leading worship most Sunday mornings at the Summit church‘s Cole Mill Campus.

Sam has been a full-time musician since I was in high school and his newest project, From Age To Age, is a neat intersection of rocking tunes with God-glorify lyrics.

Here’s one of my favorites from the album, called Beyond The Ordinary:


Next: Matt Papa

You can find Matt leading worship at our brand-spanking new North Raleigh campus.

Matt’s new album, Your Kingdom Come, is a great combination of Gospel-centered lyrics and high-quality, Beattles-esque music style.

My favorite song from the album is called Open Hands. It’s a great song for corporate worship, expressing surrender to God. Check it out:


Last (but not least) is Aftermath:

“Aftermath”, AKA Jonathan Edwards, can be found leading worship many Sunday mornings at our Brier Creek campus.

He has a really unique sound, and his new album, The Aftertaste Of Abandonment, is one of those catchy CDs you leave in your car CD player for weeks at a time.

Check out one of  my favorites, Airplanes and Airwaves:


Give these guys a try and let me know if you what you think!