Tim Keller On Sanctification

Though I’ve never met him, Tim Keller is one of the most important voices in my life right now.

Our pastor often refers to him as ‘Yoda’, and I have to agree.

This stood out to me this morning:

Imagine sitting down with a sever-year-old and saying to her, “I’d like you to write me an essay on what you think it’s like to fall in love and be married.”

When you read the essay, you will say it isn’t very close to the reality. A seven-year-old can’t imagine what love and marriage will be like.

When you start to follow Jesus, you’re at least that far away. You have no idea how far you’ll have to go.


  1. Z, I just finished a Tim Keller study on the Prodigal Son. It was amazing. He tied some things together that I had never caught before. I love the fact that his ministry is in NYC and that he reaches an area that is so dark. I like the Kojack hair style too!

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