Can I Brag For A Minute?

Don’t worry.

I’m not interested in boasting about myself or comparing my life with yours.

I just have to point out how awesome our friends and family have been this week.

First of all, I need to brag on my wife:

Khar-bear turned 1 last week, and Steph pulled out ALL the stops for her birthday party. I watched her spend hours doing research, shopping for ideas, cutting out Mini Mouse ears and bows, trying to find the right fonts and colors, making gift bags, ceiling decorations, cupcake holders, party food…

She poured herself into making sure that Khar-bear had a birthday to remember.

And here’s what it looked like in the end:

Steph: you rock.

But I also need to brag on Steph’s sister, “Aunt Addy”, who took a break from law school and her summer internship and flew all the way from Oklahoma just to spend 2 days helping us celebrate.

Oh, and did you see the cake she made? That was some cake mix, vanilla icing, vanilla fondant, and food coloring before she got ahold of it!

“Aunt Addy”: you rock too.

When “Aunt Katie” and “Uncle Anthony” (and honorary “Aunt ‘Lisha”) pulled into the driveway, J was hiding in his room with the door shut, because he was freaked out by all the people in our living room. But they walked right through the crowd, found him, gave him a new bat and ball and hat, and brightened his day right on up…

And then there’s Steph’s parents and grandparents who drove down from Virginia…. in her mom’s case, that was after working all night.

Or our friends who postponed a trip to the beach for a couple of hours to celebrate with us.

Or our friends who found time between raising twin babies, selling their home, and getting a graduate degree to come spend a few hours with us.

Or our friends who manage to pull off a 4-jobs, 2-kids lifestyle but still made time to come celebrate with us.

Or my mom who brought enough vegetables to feed a soccer team and a big carton of home-made salsa.

I was overwhelmed by all the grace our friends showed us this weekend.

To everyone who made time to come help us celebrate our daughter (and the end of a year with a toddler AND a baby under one roof):

Thank you so much.

You rock.


  1. WOW….I am so impressed with the talent that came out in
    Steph!! You do ROCK and all your helpers too…
    How nice to have friends and family that made every effort
    to be there to celebrate this special little girl’s first
    birthday!! You are blessed.
    We love you all,
    Aunt Lisa and family

  2. Wow… what a great looking party idea! I hate I had to be in MAINE and miss all the fun. You should be a party planner. Good job Stephanie!

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