What Does Chick-Fil-A Stand For?

I know this is an unwinnable conversation.

Discussing homosexuality is like talking to a momma about her newborn baby: it could be a squirrel with a pacifier, but you’re a monster if you call it anything but beautiful.

The ‘tolerance’ emperor is naked, but anybody who points that out is being ‘intolerant’, so it’s an impossible discussion.

Millions of people will fill their cars with gasoline purchased from dictators who oppress their people and murder homosexuals and drive to the ‘kiss-in’ later this week to protest HOW a man chooses to be generous.

The hypocrisy of it is almost funny.

Except, Truth is important.

So it’s not funny.

But on the outside chance that someone reading this really does care about the Truth, and about having a fair and balanced and sustainable and consistent worldview…

I came across this video earlier this week.

The leadership at chick-fil-a designed this as part of employee training. The obvious intention is to help employees realize that every single customer is a priceless soul with a story to tell, and may be having the best or worst day of their life.

I’ve watched this twice, and teared up both times.

I just pose a question: does the company that created this video stand for hateful bigotry?

Do you imagine that they show this to their employees and then say, “Now, the one exception is if you think your customer might be gay. In that case, go ahead and give them terrible customer service. Because we hate them.”

Me neither.