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New Video From Lecrae

Check out this video from Lecrae. I won’t lie – I teared up a little bit while watching it. Just because the media quit caring about what’s going on in Haiti doesn’t mean that anything has changed there. It’s still going to take YEARS to get that country back on their feet. You can go… Continue reading New Video From Lecrae

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Actions Speak Louder

This has been in heavy rotation on my playlist lately. It’s a track that some really talented hip-hop artists put together to help raise some money for aid to Sudan. After you give it a listen, cruise over to iTunes and search for “Actions Speak Louder“, and download it for a buck. 100% of the proceeds (after… Continue reading Actions Speak Louder

If You Like Hip-Hop

Growing up, I was really into hip-hop music, but had a really hard time finding music that I liked that wasn’t totally profane. All the good music was fowl, and all the ‘clean’ music was super cheezy (DC Talk, anyone?) I wish that the fellas at Reach Records had been making music back then. Lecrae,… Continue reading If You Like Hip-Hop

My New Favorite Running Song

You’ve seen a couple of posts here about Lecrae. Today I want to let you know about another very talented rap artist associated with Lecrae and  the Reach Records label. He calls himself ‘Tedashii’ (and he tweets!), and he just released a new album, called “Identity Crisis” (you can buy it here). My favorite track… Continue reading My New Favorite Running Song