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We are the Rieslands — Zack (hire him!), Stephanie, Josiah, Kharis, Benjamin, and Ainsley.

We’re not-quite-ready-to-consider-ourselves-middle-aged-but-not-in-college-anymore kids in our 11th year of marriage, excitedly learning about life in the Story of God.

We are a soccer/t-ball/gymnastics family, a Durham Bulls family, a Summit Church family, a take-too-many-pictures family…

You can usually find us playing in the yard or at the local playground or ball field.

We do crafts at the table, giant lego towers, and bed time stories every night (let’s be honest).

We love Jesus, date night, and chick-fil-a.

We love Survivor, the Amazing Race, and Friends.

We rarely even look like we have our junk together, and that’s because we usually don’t.

(Oh, we don’t like pretense – did I mention that?)

They say the 2 most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you learn why you were born. We’re exploring what that means during a season of life when the median age in our home is 4 years old and goldfish crackers can be found in almost every room of our home.

This site exists as a creative outlet as well as a tool to share our lives with all the precious people we don’t get to see as often as we wish we could.

Please comment frequently and let us know you’re there!

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