In Case You Didn’t Know

Below is a ‘commercial’ of sorts for a church in Texas. I don’t know much about the church, but I love the way they start this: “Before we tell you who we ARE, let us tell you who we WERE.” This is the story of every honest follower of Jesus. httpv://


Our church body did 6,566 hours of community service. Last year week. Seriously. Check it: ServeRDU from The Summit Church on Vimeo. (Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE our church?)

Religion Saves – Review

A few weeks back, I shared my excitement about a new book, Religions Saves, and Nine Other Misconceptions. I wrote a few posts since then, talking about individual chapters (1 and 2), but today I’m excited to be on the official blog tour. So, here’s my overall review of the book (and please forgive me… Continue reading Religion Saves – Review