Uncle Jamie

I put this together for my uncle Jamie’s funeral. Now that they’ve had a memorial for him in California, I figured I’d post it here for anyone interested. We miss you uncle Jamie. Below is the text of the eulogy I gave during his funeral. I would post the video, but I cried a lot… Continue reading Uncle Jamie

Pray For Persecuted Christians In Uzbekistan

(Those reading from email or an rss feed will need to click through to see the 2-minute video above) This is very personal to me. There are somewhere around 30,000 believers in Uzbekistan, which is roughly 0.001% of the population. I know a handful of them personally. They have been arrested,¬†interrogated, spied on,¬†sabotaged, and end… Continue reading Pray For Persecuted Christians In Uzbekistan

What Does It Mean To Be Called?

One of the things that Stephanie and I love about our new church home is the intense emphasis on national and international missions. The Summit Church has a vision to plant 1,000 churches in the next 40 years — most of them in un-reached countries around the world. That’s right: one thousand churches One vehicle… Continue reading What Does It Mean To Be Called?

My New Favorite Running Song

You’ve seen a couple of posts here about Lecrae. Today I want to let you know about another very talented rap artist associated with Lecrae and¬† the Reach Records label. He calls himself ‘Tedashii’ (and he tweets!), and he just released a new album, called “Identity Crisis” (you can buy it here). My favorite track… Continue reading My New Favorite Running Song