In Case You Didn’t Know

Below is a ‘commercial’ of sorts for a church in Texas. I don’t know much about the church, but I love the way they start this: “Before we tell you who we ARE, let us tell you who we WERE.” This is the story of every honest follower of Jesus. httpv://

2010: A Reflection

(warning: what began as a short reflection on 2010 became a full-fledged brain dump – continue at your own risk) 2010 was a tough year for the Rieslands. Not tough as in somebody got really sick or someone lost their job — I realize a lot of folks had those kinds of years, and I’m… Continue reading 2010: A Reflection

Pray For Persecuted Christians In Uzbekistan

(Those reading from email or an rss feed will need to click through to see the 2-minute video above) This is very personal to me. There are somewhere around 30,000 believers in Uzbekistan, which is roughly 0.001% of the population. I know a handful of them personally. They have been arrested,¬†interrogated, spied on,¬†sabotaged, and end… Continue reading Pray For Persecuted Christians In Uzbekistan