Jesus In My Place

Our church released a brand new worship album this week, called Jesus In My Place.

It features 13 tracks and includes several new songs, written right here in RDU by some seriously talented folks who lead us in music each week.

And, Steph actually got to help with some of the “gang vocals”.

You can check it out in iTunes here.

Best Book Of 2011

Like I mentioned in my last post, January is when I tend to do some reflecting on the past year. In this post I want to tell you about my favorite book from 2011: Tim Keller’s King’s Cross

Actions Speak Louder

This has been in heavy rotation on my playlist lately. It’s a track that some really talented hip-hop artists put together to help raise some money for aid to Sudan. After you give it a listen, cruise over to iTunes and search for “Actions Speak Louder“, and download it for a buck. 100% of the proceeds (after… Continue reading Actions Speak Louder

Some Music You Should Check Out

Stephanie and I are really blessed to be a part of a church body with an insane pool of talented folks. Last year alone, THREE different members of our worship team released new albums, but you won’t find them in Walmart or on the radio, so I want to make sure you know about them. First up:… Continue reading Some Music You Should Check Out

What Is The Bible Really All About?

In the past few years, my understanding of God and the Bible have changed dramatically. In this 3-minute video, Tim Keller explains what I have been learning: The Bible isn’t about me. or you. It’s about Jesus. The whole thing is about Jesus. It isn’t about what God can do for you. It isn’t about… Continue reading What Is The Bible Really All About?