Officially 2 months!

Today, two months ago I married Zachary Benjamin Riesland (the man I am so in love with). This time 2 months ago I was getting my make-up done hoping that Zack would bring the engagement photo of us to the reception site. I must admit that day I was excited, but for some reason I… Continue reading Officially 2 months!

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Actual Conversation

*Disclaimer: This is real. This conversation actually took place. If your eyes suddenly go crossed from reading this post, or, heaven-forbid, something worse happens, we are not responsible… but it would be really, really funny Steph and I were driving to work this morning and we passed a not-so-nice car with really nice rims and… Continue reading Actual Conversation

Holy Cow!!!

Cows… Interesting creatures, those cows. The ones at chic-fil-a are sneaky, and bad at spelling… I like chick-fil-a. I like getting one buffalo sauce and one ranch and mixing them together for my waffle fries. I love their sweet tea, but I usually feel guilty when I drink it. I am afraid it will make… Continue reading Holy Cow!!!