New adventures

It’s been forever since I wrote on this since I quit my job, but it’s been really good to reflect on other things. First, thanks to my hubby for changing our web page out. I certainly couldn’t have done it (I would have been more frustrated than ever trying to figure it out). Nonetheless I’m… Continue reading New adventures

Hard Times…

My heart is a little heavy today for my sister Adrienne and her husband Drew. I am so proud of my sister for how strong she is being right now. A couple of months ago she found out that Drew would perhaps be headed to Iraq. At the time it seemed like they were just… Continue reading Hard Times…

16 Things I Love About My Wife

Her old pink bathrobe that she loves to wear. Her unexplainable passion for chick flicks — and the education I’ve received in this realm since we’ve been together. The way she looks when she wakes up in the morning. Watching her sleep — especially when she cuddles up with her teddy bear. Her childlike spirit.… Continue reading 16 Things I Love About My Wife

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A letter to noone in particular

December 16, 2006 I’m sitting in Chic-fil-a, enjoying my first truly restful day in what seems like a long, long time. As I transition to a time when my life is balanced around a marriage and a ton of ‘adult’ responsibilities, I have an honest fear that my life will always feel this exhausting. I’ve… Continue reading A letter to noone in particular