Advice As I’m Approaching 30

In a few weeks, I’ll join Steph in the “30 and up” club.

I’m not expecting to wake up on August 8th and suddenly feel different because the first digit in my age has changed, but crossing the 30 barrier seems significant to me.

Most of the things that are “impressive” for someone “in their 20’s” are just expected for someone “in their 30’s”.

Kids, a mortgage, a savings account… nobody’s impressed when someone in their 30’s has those ducks in a row.

So I’m not quite freaking out, but this birthday has my attention…

“You a good boy”

Warning: this is one of those sappy posts that is borderline annoying, especially to those of you without kids. But it was a precious parenting moment…

We were at the mall this past week – all four of us – walking around after dinner at chick-fil-a…

Lighten Up, Dad

At lunch today, I stumbled across this article by Kevin Deyoung about parenting. He hits the nail right on the head: I was listening to¬†this bit about children¬†from Brian Regan and around the 1:35 mark he tells the story about his son flinging around half-eaten spaghetti from his mouth and watching the sauce splatter across… Continue reading Lighten Up, Dad

When I Get To Heaven

If you ask J who he’s most excited about meeting in heaven someday, he will tell you, without hesitation, “David!”. As in, King David who killed Goliath. He’s also keen on meeting Daniel, but mostly because I think he assumes that there will be lions involved. Tim Keller often mentions how CS Lewis’ The Great… Continue reading When I Get To Heaven