A botched abortion: an interview with the mother

Take 5 minutes and a deep breath and read this article. Here’s the synopsis: On the morning of July 20, 2006, Sycloria Williams, age 18, went for an abortion – a late-term abortion that she says went terribly wrong. Now 21, the Hollywood resident has filed a civil lawsuit accusing the clinic staff of delivering… Continue reading A botched abortion: an interview with the mother

How much is a trillion dollars?

Check out this post from the ‘Between Two Worlds‘ blog, shedding some light on how much money our government wants to borrow from future generations. Here’s a telling snippet: Adjusted for inflation, here are some other massive expenditures: * The Marshall Plan ($115.3 billion) * The space race ($237 billion) * The Korean War ($454… Continue reading How much is a trillion dollars?

15 points about abortion

From John Piper: 1. Existing fetal homicide laws make a man guilty of manslaughter if he kills the baby in a mother’s womb (except in the case of abortion). 2. Fetal surgery is performed on babies in the womb to save them while another child the same age is being legally destroyed. 3. Babies can… Continue reading 15 points about abortion