Massacre In Uzbekistan

In 2005, I packed a bag and moved to the other side of the world for what was supposed to be 2 years.

After 10 1/2 months, I was kicked out of the country, along with the rest of my team.

7 years after the fact, there is a new documentary that explains why:

Lighten Up, Dad

At lunch today, I stumbled across this article by Kevin Deyoung about parenting. He hits the nail right on the head: I was listening to¬†this bit about children¬†from Brian Regan and around the 1:35 mark he tells the story about his son flinging around half-eaten spaghetti from his mouth and watching the sauce splatter across… Continue reading Lighten Up, Dad

Dancing In The Minefields

You probably noticed that we didn’t spent as much time posting to “TheRieslands” in 2011. There are lots of reasons for that – most notably the ones who run around our house in Disney movie-themed pajamas every night. We also spent a good amount of time working on Stephanie’s photography business. But the new year… Continue reading Dancing In The Minefields