God is not boring

There’s a chapter in the John Piper devotional that I’ve been reading called “God Is Not Boring.” I read it and was so struck by it that I read it again the next day… and again the next day. I started underlining things, but soon found that I wanted underline everything. What I love about… Continue reading God is not boring

Are you kidding me?

OK. So last night I was planning to take Stephanie to go see the Monet exibit at the NC Museum of Art. I love art, although probably not enough to go spend money to look at it, but I thought it would be a fun date night. So I go online to look up the… Continue reading Are you kidding me?

Picture of the day

One of the most helpful things for me every day is a book I have called, “The Universe: 365 Days“. It comes from the website, “Astronomy Picture of the Day“. Pictured here is Hidden Galaxy IC 342. All you gotta do is travel at the speed of light for about 7 million years and you… Continue reading Picture of the day