This Is Offensive. And True.

Mark Driscoll with six minutes on some fundamentals about Jesus. The money quotes: Spirituality without Jesus is Demonology. You cannot – you WILL NOT – connect to God apart from Jesus. Your sin NEEDS to be atoned for. If you disagree with what  Mark says here, then I respect that. I respect you, and love you. But… Continue reading This Is Offensive. And True.

What Is The Bible Really All About?

In the past few years, my understanding of God and the Bible have changed dramatically. In this 3-minute video, Tim Keller explains what I have been learning: The Bible isn’t about me. or you. It’s about Jesus. The whole thing is about Jesus. It isn’t about what God can do for you. It isn’t about… Continue reading What Is The Bible Really All About?

Religion Saves: Humor

I had a great time hearing all your thoughts on the birth control discussion last week! Now it’s time to move on to chapter 2 of Religion Saves – And Nine Other Misconceptions. In this chapter, pastor Mark Driscoll tackles the 8th most popular question: Why do you make jokes about Mormon missionaries, homosexuals, trench… Continue reading Religion Saves: Humor