Do you elf?

  There’s a pretty funny add campaign called “Elf Yourself”. This happens to coincide with a week when I have a photo of myself wearing a mullet wig from a party we went to. You can click here to see me shake my groove thang… 

Thanks Google!

Sat down to write this morning, and what did I see? Why, a nice new feature staring back at me :0) Colored labels — yet another idea that could have put my kids to college. OK, maybe not… but the OCD in me is happy today!


We’re in N.Y. this weekend for Ellen and Peter’s wedding. Steph is off doing ‘bridesmaid duty’ — which consists of getting her nails done and going out to lunch. In the meantime, I’m hanging out at Panera. For possibly the first time in like a year, I have my Bible, a Jonathon Edwards book, good… Continue reading Q.T.