Religion Saves – Review

A few weeks back, I shared my excitement about a new book, Religions Saves, and Nine Other Misconceptions. I wrote a few posts since then, talking about individual chapters (1 and 2), but today I’m excited to be on the official blog tour. So, here’s my overall review of the book (and please forgive me… Continue reading Religion Saves – Review

Religion Saves: Humor

I had a great time hearing all your thoughts on the birth control discussion last week! Now it’s time to move on to chapter 2 of Religion Saves – And Nine Other Misconceptions. In this chapter, pastor Mark Driscoll tackles the 8th most popular question: Why do you make jokes about Mormon missionaries, homosexuals, trench… Continue reading Religion Saves: Humor

9 Distinctions Between the Gospel and Religion

Steph, the amazing, thoughtful wife that she is, was very creative with my anniversary gift this year: She checked the chapel schedule at Southeastern and noticed that Mark Driscoll, one of my favorite Bible teachers, would be teaching yesterday. Several weeks ago, she told me to ask for a half-day today, but wouldn’t tell me… Continue reading 9 Distinctions Between the Gospel and Religion