Bono The Evangelist?

Yesterday I saw this post over at Zack’s blog (yes, another Zack). It describes an article based on a section of the book Bono In Conversation, where Bono essentially witnesses to an interviewer. I love this because it’s such a classic scenario, capturing the stereotypes and assumptions that so often blur our communication about the… Continue reading Bono The Evangelist?

Mark Driscoll On Evangelism

Mark Driscoll has a new blog post today called ‘Evangelism’. …very interesting thoughts from someone I admire very much, but who doesn’t often say much on the topic. Here’s a particularly interesting and insightful snippet: Lastly, the fact that Jesus remains to this day an active evangelist is of great encouragement to me personally. It… Continue reading Mark Driscoll On Evangelism

Very challenging words from Bill Hybells

I’ve been (slowly) reading “Just Walk Across The Room” by BillĀ  Hybells ever since I got it for Christmas. I’m still less than half way through it, but so far, I can’t recommend it enough! Last night, Steph and I were curled up in front of the fireplace reading, and these two pages really jumped… Continue reading Very challenging words from Bill Hybells